Seno Woodland Education Center

Barn Fund Reaches 65% of Goal. Your help still needed!

Seno Center Barn

Be part of this final phase of the Seno barn restoration project to complete the restoration of the upper barn and make it useable for school and adult groups. Make a donation now to put a new roof on the barn.

Dr. Elvia Seno

The Seno Woodland Education Center is 131 acres of forest, fields, prairie and wetlands located in southeast Wisconsin's rolling kettle morraine country.

The goals of The Center are:
     •To provide educational opportunities for educators, students, landowners and the general public, and,
     •To demonstrate sustainable management of forest and related resources.

Dr. Elvira Seno wished her beloved "Slippery Slopes" tree farm to become a place for children to learn about trees and nature. Dr. Seno passed away in November 1996. In her last year she saw her dream fulfilled as buses full of children came to learn about forests and nature on her beautiful farm.

Drumlin Farm

The 87 acre Drumlin Farm, just 3 miles from the Seno Center, was donated to the WWOA Foundation in 2006 by Dr. Shirley Peterson. (Follow the link above to learn more about Dr. Peterson and her beloved farm.) Her gift gives us additional natural diversity of habitiats and new opportunities for natural resouces education.